The Boudoir Experience

“Boudoir” is a French word used to describe a woman’s dressing room or private dressing quarters... At its simplest, boudoir photography is a style that captures a woman in a state of dress or undressing.

Booking a boudoir photo shoot can be extremely intimidating for many women. We all face self-doubt and think, “Will I look good posing in lingerie?" Or "will I be comfortable and have fun with this?" The truth is, if your booking with a trusted boudoir studio like me, all reasonable doubts and apprehensions can thankfully be put aside. My main focus is on making every woman’s experience classy, comfortable and fun! I pose you from head to toe and even give you sneak peeks at the back of the camera.

If your wondering if I am the photographer for you.... well...

I am clumsy and have the mouth of a sailor..... Really. I am.

-I will tell you that your a Fucking Goddess... probably more than once.

-I will word vomit and probably have some pretty awesome conversations during your session.

-I will say "Fuck yes!" literally like 20 times

-I am SO clumsy, and so air headed sometimes. I am the QUEEN of awkward!

-I sprinkle the F bomb like Glitter.....

-If you are not ready for a photographer like that, I am probably not the photographer for you.

BUT if you are ready to be a Fucking Goddess and get reminded of how utterly perfect and sexy you are

I am here, and I am ready for you. Lets celebrate YOU in all your glory!

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