The Boudoir Experience

“Boudoir” is a French word used to describe a woman’s dressing room or private dressing quarters.

At its simplest, boudoir photography is a style that captures a woman in a state of dress or undressing.

Booking a boudoir photo shoot can be extremely intimidating for many women.  We all face self-doubt and think, “Will I look good posing in lingerie?" Or "will I be comfortable and have fun with this?"  The truth is, if your booking with a trusted boudoir studio like me, all reasonable doubts and apprehensions can thankfully be put aside.  My main focus is on making every woman’s experience classy, comfortable and fun!

I typically like my clients to do a pre-consultation. This will help me see if we are a good match together! A phone call can subside any nerves before the actual shoot day by speaking with me and knowing you are in good hands. Ask me anything! NO question is silly in our eyes.  I want each of my clients to put their guard down and know I am not here to judge but to help you set up a memorable and empowering day that is all about you!  At our clients' request, we will invite you to the studio before the shoot to view more pricing and album options. Whether you prefer color or black and white boudoir photography, we’ll make you look your best.

Session Day!

Once you arrive to the studio, as soon as you walk through our doors with your bags of lingerie and last-minute purchases, we pull everything out and decide what will look best.  Once we figure out your chosen outfits, we will help you relax with hair and make-up while we transform you from an everyday woman to a sexy bombshell!

Once we have you made up and feeling like a million bucks, we have you change into the first look.  Everyone is at least a teensy bit nervous to start, but the nerves go away after we show a few beautiful images from the camera’s LCD.  It's important for me to show my clients how beautiful they are looking in the photos we’re capturing as we move through the session.  By the end of the session, most of our clients want to keep shooting because they are having so much fun with the experience!


Don’t worry about striking the perfect pose!  That’s what I am here for… I have refined this process to help every body type look flattering on camera.  There are some poses that will fell awkward or maybe difficult to hold, but it doesn’t show in the photos. You may feel like you finished a mini Pilates workout by the end, but it makes the final images so sexy! I also encourage boudoir clients to bring inspiration photos that they love of poses, make up or anything that inspires them.  We’re happy to accommodate posing and make up requests, so don’t be shy!

Client Closet

Are you worried about not having the right clothing pieces and accessories for your shoot? No problem! I have a Client Closet full of fun jewelry, shoes, stockings, and intimate apparel that’s sure to make you feel confident and sexy! Don’t worry if you’re missing something from your wardrobe because we can probably help with that!

After the Shoot

After your shoot, we will schedule a day for you to come back for your image reveal and purchasing session. This usually lasts about an hour or less. We will help you choose your best images and make the process easy. If you purchased our digital package, this will be where you choose your allotted amount of digital images and you can decide if you want more or if you want to add on products. Same day reveals can be scheduled for our out of town clients. Please confirm a same day reveal appointment with us in advance!

Once you've made your product decision, I begin working my magic on your images.  Your finished product will be waiting for you at the studio within approximately 2-4 weeks wrapped in boutique packaging.

Even if you aren’t quite ready to show it all or prefer to remain clothed for glamour photos, booking a professional boudoir photoshoot will make you look and feel amazing. There’s so much more to a woman’s personality than her waist size. Strong is Sexy. Lingerie photography, plus size boudoir photos, boudoir pregnancy photography sessions, and glamour photoshoots showcase the most beautiful parts of each individual woman we have the honor of guiding. I know just how to style, pose and photograph any woman in a way that will reveal the full potential of your sensuality.

Ready to feel at-ease and have one of the most fun-filled and exciting sexy boudoir photography sessions of your life? I would love the opportunity to bring out your best features and showcase them in a series of classy boudoir photos that will serve as a constant reminder of your inner and outer beauty for years to come.  My clients walk away from this experience feeling more confident and sexy than they’ve ever felt before.  Every woman deserves to feel excited about her feminine side and let her confidence shine.  

Couples sessions and Male Boudoir is available as well.

Our beautiful Keepsake albums are the best way to remember the day you said "I’m worth it…"