Lets talk Lingerie.

..... Yeah, the Big Bad Wolf of mostly every ladies session in the history of forever.

Lingerie shopping can be more scary than booking the session in and of itself..... which is what hold SO MANY women back.

"I dont know my size"

"I dont know what to wear"

"I dont have anything that matches"

"I just spend $750 on the session so I have maxed my budget"

"I suck at shopping"

"I can never find anything that fits"

Look.  I have heard it all..... and I'm here to tell you that its ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

First of all, you dont need to buy all brand new lingerie to book a boudoir session......   Yeah its fun, and you can if you WANT to, but its not 100% necessary or a deal breaker.   If your budget, or your lack of desire to go shopping, is holding you back from splurging on new sexies.... then lets look at your closet.

1. Do you have a button up shirt or an oversized sweater?

2. Do you have a husbands work shirt?

3. Do you own a favorite bra?

4. Do you have a favorite sports team jersey?

.....and here's the big one.....

5. Do you have skin?

If you answered yes to any ONE of those questions, ( which you did, don't lie) your ready for a boudoir session. You bring your body, I do the rest.    

Yep. its really that easy!

NOW.   IF YOU WANT TO GO BUY A BUTT LOAD OF NEW LINGERIE...... here is a few VERY necessary tips.  pay attention.

1. Step AWAY from the teddies/babydolls.  seriously. back the fuck away from them.... I will burn it.... Those little assholes aren't flattering on ANY BODY TYPE.  I don't care if your a size 2, or a size 22.... they will ALWAYS make you look 10x larger than you really are.   Here's the thing.... I support boudoir for all body types..... I support body positivity in every way.... but not a single person on the planet will be happy with pictures when their outfit makes them look larger than real life.  just. leave. them. alone.

2. Corsets and body suits are hot as fuck....... and DO look good on every body type. They are incredible fun to play with on camera, and give a super awesome variety of poses and images.  PLEASE make sure you are buying the right size though. 

AGAIN, I do not care if your a size 2 or a size 22..... if you are buying a corset or a body suit that is a size too small, it WILL feel like your trying to shove a Cream Puff through a keyhole.... You will be pissed about it.... you will be uncomfortable.... and you will hate the outcome.  Measure your chest, waist, hips, and thighs.  it takes 5 minutes, and will help you when buying IMMENSELY.

3. Good ol' fashioned sheer robes......   YES PLEASE.  That is all.

4. BRA AND PANTIES SETS.  Literally the most common thing brought to boudoir sessions....  they are timeless, comfortable, and you can wear them for every day use when the session is over.    MAKE SURE IT MATCHES.   Do not bring a black bra and an orange thong.....  for no other reason than it will look ridiculous in your images.    ALSO, the same sizing tip for #2 applies here...  PLEASE make sure you have the proper size.  If you show up, and your lingerie doesn't fit properly, I will put the kabosh on it and we will improvise with sheets, robes, and other things.   

5. LADIES. You pay me good money to make you look good..... You pay me good money to ensure your images turn out hotter than the sun and more irresistible than Cupids Love Spell.....  so trust the tips that I give you.  I shoot a timeless look.... so that 20 years from now you look back on your images and go "holy fuck I was so hot". If you show up in vintage florals because its a phase your recently in (unless we have a reason for it) when I have advised against it, your going to look back at your images in 20 years and instead of admiring that amazing body you have, your going to be questioning your sanity and asking yourself why the fuck I allowed you to show up in that. YES, its your session, that you are paying a pretty penny for..... so there is a reason for every suggestion I give. Trust. it. Trust. me.  

Over and Out Queens. <3